Elections Precinct Mapper:

Using the Application

The Elections Precinct Mapper application creates Precinct Maps by Jursidtion or individualy.

There are two ways to search for Precincts. By Jurisdiction or by entering a Precinct number

To select by Jurisdiction:

Select a Jurisdiction like Cities using the Select Jurisdiction Drop-down. Then select a sub-area like the City of Capitola.

The map will zoom to the jurisdiction and pause for a moment, and then the Results tab will open at the bottom off the application:

Once the Results tab opens you are ready to start creating Precinct maps. (You can select the LIST button on the toolbar to get a list of the precincts in Excel before you start if you like).

In the Results tab you will see a table with Precinct, Zoom, Create Map, and Delete. The work flow is as follows:

The second way is if you have a Precinct number you would like to map. Enter a Precinct Number in the box where it says Enter Precinct. Then click the Find It button. The map will zoom to the Precinct.

You can either hit the Create PDF Map button next to the Find It button or open the Print PDF Map tab. The layout (portrait or landscape) will be set for you. You can change the tile if you like and then click the Create Map button. A .pdf will open in a new window.

Tools for Map Navigation:

End Help