GISWeb Online Help:

Using the Application

The Santa Cruz County GISWeb application locates parcels and addresses and retrieves parcel related information.

There are three base maps available along the top of the application. 2007 Imagery, Terrain, and USGS Quads (and the ability to set the basemap to ‘None’).

The application opens with the Search Tab active. You can search by APN, Address, Street, Street Intersection, and Owner Name (County Staff only).

There are five functional areas of the application each located on a separate tab.

The Layer Identify tool (Blue Circle with 'i') works on the visible layers in the map. Layers become visible either by selecting a map to view (item 4 decribed below) or by opening the table of contents (layer listing) and turning the layer on. After clicking this tool then on the map a window will open showing the atttributes of the feature that was clicked on.

The Parcel Identify tool (Red Circle with 'i') works on the parcel layer only. You dont need to turn on the parcel layer. Just click the Parcel Identify tool then on the map. The Parcel Info tabs will open on the bottom and present the data associated with the parcel that was clicked.

The Table of Contents or listing of map Layers becomes visible one the user clicks on the area above the Zoom In tool. The layers are grouped into several different catergories.

To locate a parcel or address, simply follow the 4 step process:

  1. Select the search type.
  2. Enter the appropraite value (examples: APN 00526125, Address - 701 Ocean St).
  3. Click the Find it button.
  4. Select from the various pre-designed thematic maps

For help with any of the tabs simply click on the blue question mark on the tab.

End Help